is a young and exciting tech marketing hub that builds tools for the Performance Marketing sector, focusing on traffic delivery, tracking and analytics
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What we do

Our teams are focussed on delivery a suite of products to help you both manage your performance marketing campaigns, and drive profitable traffic to your campaign properties. We strive to deliver user friendly experiences across all of our tools to allow you to focus on ROI.
Zero Click Traffic
Zeropark is the market leading ad exchange and ad network that specializes in redirect traffic. It provides advertisers access to more than 22 billion visitors monthly. Zeropark’s real-time-bidding (RTB) platform gives advertisers the ability to easily manage their campaigns through a simple-to-use UI.
Affiliate Tracking Software
Voluum is an internet tracking tool that allows performance marketers to see the success of every purchased visitor, from click to conversion. Voluum’s strength lies in 4 separate attributes; scalability, minimized click loss, no downtime, and ease of use. This is all made possible because Voluum is a SaaS tool built on proprietary database technology. And currently in beta, our new DSP functionality, fully integrated into our tracking tool.

Where we work

That palace that you see, that's where we work; you could be working there too. Feel free to come by to check it out, or click the orange button to see more pics.


The Codewise team is an amalgamation of geeks, analysts, affiliates, digital marketers, creative wizards and all around crafty human beings. We look for drive, followed by talent and skill, and settle for nothing less.


We’re doing something different here at Codewise, if that interests you, take a look at what type of talent we are currently looking for… and apply!

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