Software Engineer - Java Infrastructure

Kraków, Poland

About role
  • We move fast, deliver new business features daily, scale as new clients and more traffic finds us. To do this efficiently, we need advanced infrastructure services. This includes, but is not limited to automated deployment pipeline, billing, monitoring, tracing, logging, job scheduling, container management, automated performance tests, Linux images tuning. We need you to be part of a new team that focuses on these aspects of our daily operations.
  • Based on requirements from all Codewise teams, as well as on your vision and gut feelings, you will shape tools we will use for years to come. We expect things which are technically excellent, but also pleasant to use and looking so good, that devs enjoy working with them (you will get help from our UX experts and front-end teams in that regard).
  • We work with open source tools developed by Spring, Netflix (e.g. Vector, Eureka), Netty, Real-Logic (Disruptor, Aeron) and we are serious about giving back to the community. We will open source a lot of tools that you will create. If nothing else, let this be a reminder that the highest of coding standards is required for this position.
Key Responsibilities
  • Participate in shaping long-term vision for our infrastructure services
  • Automate common infrastructure tasks to limit human intervention
  • Maintain and improve continuous delivery platform
  • Build new state of the art tracing and logging infrastructure for our growing needs
  • Ensure high code quality standards
  • Being the central point of contact and subject matter expert when it comes to infrastructure services
  • Work closely with project Tech Leads to support product development, raising issues early
  • Design and implement scalable, maintainable infrastructure services
  • Participate in and enrich a detail oriented, collaborative culture focused on motivation and work satisfaction
  • Where applicable, ensure great user experience by focusing on detail, speed and fluency of software
  • Help others decide upon best infrastructure solutions be it communication protocol, load balancing approach or monitoring standards
  • Help to promote Codewise among developers community
  • Stay up to date when it comes to foundational technologies such as Linux kernel improvements, logging frameworks etc. Follow their advances, bugs and fixes
  • Openness to new technologies, invention
  • Advanced programming skills
  • Positive attitude, people orientation and excellent communication skills
  • A strong knowledge of English