Compliance Analyst

Kraków, Poland

About the project
  • Do you dream about analytics? do you enjoy big data management? Is Excel your favorite app? Then you sound like the one for us!
  • Zeropark's team is currently looking for an individual to join as a Compliance Analyst.
  • We need someone who can cast a meticulous eye over sheets of data and point out inconsistencies and irregularities. A decision maker with good interpersonal and communication skills.
About the role
  • In this role, you’ll be taking head dive into the world of ad fraud.
  • Your job will be to find it, eliminate it, and devise ways of protecting our company against it in the future.
  • To be more precise, as a quality and compliance analyst in Zeropark you will be responsible for analyzing the quality of the inventory supplied by Zeropark to it’s advertising partners, based on a variable set of performance metrics.
Key Responsibilities
  • Analyze the quality of the traffic delivered by Zeropark with use of AWS Athena and Voluum Tracker
  • Responding to internal and external inquiries related to traffic quality
  • Access and qualify new supply partners
  • Devise strategies to detect and prevent ad fraud
  • Monitoring clients’ activity, assessing and addressing unwanted behaviors (non-compliant ads, suspicious payments)
  • Keen analytical mind / experience with analyzing large multivariate data sets
  • Good understanding of statistics
  • Strong analytical skills
  • SQL knowledge
  • Patience / persistence / attention to detail
  • Self drive / self motivation / ability to work in a loose framework with only rough guidelines (not specific set of directions)
  • Fluent written and spoken English
Nice to have
  • Experience in working with online advertising
  • Experience in working with analytics