Software Engineer, Backend

Kraków, Poland

About the project
  • Zeropark is an Ad Exchange and Demand Side Platform with Real Time Bidding. 4,000 active advertisers run more than 40,000 campaigns every day. It’s the key Codewise product which still has a startup nature. Product oriented mindset and problem solving attitude are the most important traits of the team members.
  • The team takes care of processing incoming traffic and report data generation, for existing and new traffic types. The current focus is on a new integration with an external partner, working closely with other teams within the group.
About the role
  • As a Backend Engineer in the Publisher Team you will:
  • Work in a product oriented environment with people who care about their craft and the quality of the product
  • Collaborate with business teams and other stakeholders at Codewise to deliver software that solves real problems of Zeropark’s customers
  • Design, implement and operate high performance software for serving and analysing Internet ads
  • Take active ownership of requirement analysis, architecture and implementation of your Team’s components and their operations in production
  • Spend:
  • - 70% of your time on coding and technical design
  • - 20% on maintenance
  • - 10% on meetings
  • Strong team player with “can do” attitude
  • Product oriented mindset
  • Good problem solving skills with metrics driven attitude
  • Advanced programming skills: design, implementation, deployment and maintenance of software written in Java
  • Ability to write clean, maintainable code, applying best practices and patterns
  • Fluent command of developer workflow - git, CI, CD, maven and your IDE of choice
Tech Stack
  • 20 applications/microservices based on Java 10+ and Kotlin
  • Spring/Spring Boot
  • AWS: EC2, DynamoDB, ElastiCache
  • Netflix/Eureka based load balancing
  • Docker, Terraform
  • Grafana
About the development process
  • We work with close cooperation with product design, product management, customer success and business teams. Working using Agile methodology helps us keep the feedback cycle short. Zeropark utilizes a fully automated regression testing process, with continuous integration and deployment, everything in a cloud environment. Most services are dockerized for integration and E2E tests. Deployment cycle to production is very short, a feature is deployed within a day after the testing phase ends. Scale you will work with: 400K QPS on average (500K at peak) Bid requests processing time < 10ms (P95) ~50 traffic processing SPOT EC2 instances in autoscaling mode ~130 servers in the production environment.