Business Development Manager, Zeropark

Kraków, Poland

About role
  • For this role, we are looking for candidates with relevant experience ONLY (i.e. people who have done a similar job in the past)
Key Responsibilities
  • Developing relationships with publishers and ad networks
  • Working on maintaining the existing publisher base and assist new publishers with onboarding
  • Experience and knowledge of Ad-Tech landscape with one or few of the following: Affiliate marketing, Native, Ad Exchanges, Publishers, Performance Advertisers
  • Previous work experience of at least 2-3 years in the performance advertising industry
  • Experience working with CPC, CPM, CPA, CPI, CTR , ROI metrics
  • Understanding of key industry trends on the supply and demand sides of performance advertising
  • High level of written and oral communication skills in English is required
  • Understanding of the programmatic ecosystem is a plus
  • Ability to stay focused on measurable goals
  • Self drive / self motivation / ability to work in a loose framework with only rough guidelines (not specific set of detailed directions)
  • Thinking big, passion for achievement and an entrepreneurial spirit