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The Native Media Buying Platform

What Is Voluum DSP?

Voluum DSP is a media buying platform that allows you to buy premium native traffic from multiple traffic sources in one place. It saves time and can get you a high ROI.

With Voluum DSP You Can:

Use 30+ traffic sources in one place

Going back and forth to different traffic sources has just become a thing of the past.

Save 98% of your time

Traffic source integrations, bulk actions, and auto-optimization features make sure that none of your time is wasted.

Use the market-leading tracker

Track, manage, and optimize all your paid and organic campaigns with the most sophisticated tracker out there.


Advanced Features
At Your Fingertips

Campaign approval SLA

1 hour response time, working 24/7

AI-powered optimization tool

Let the AI adjust your bid strategy in real time

Higher ad engagement

Target the context of an article using keywords

Wider reach, high quality traffic

Use 30+ integrated traffic sources, including Outbrain, Taboola, and email lists

Top anti-fraud solutions

Advanced bot-filtering provided by our own and third-party solutions

Brand safety

Use Whitelist/Blacklist Builder to ensure your brand is seen in the context you want

Right audience

Find your customers with Location Based Targeting

Bulk actions

Save time by editing multiple creatives with Bulk Upload


Proven to work for:


Automotive, Insurance


Bitcoin, Binary/Forex


Social/Fantasy, Casino




anti virus



Traffic Sources

Performance Integrated

30+ more

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