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We invite all creative students for our Internship Programme


About us

     Codewise is a privately held Polish company. That means no outside investors telling us what to do. No pressure from the stock exchange. We build technology for the Internet marketing sector with a focus on traffic delivery, tracking, and analytics. This is a 200 billion dollar industry – and it only grows with time. Our products are offered in a SaaS model, and we decide when to deploy or upgrade them.

     The Codewise team is an amalgamation of geeks, scientists, creative wizards, digital marketers, and all around crafty human beings. We’re a mischievous bunch that enjoys disrupting and redefining industries with serious technology.

     Our motto is “People. Products. Profit. In that order”.

About you

  • You are looking to join a highly intelligent team where your skills will skyrocket.
  • You want to experience what’s it like to live in the cloud instead of merely hearing about “the cloud” as a hype term.
  • You want to experience continuous delivery, not only read about it in industry pubs.
  • You want to be a part of a human knowledge exchange.

If you are an exceptional student and are looking for sponsorship of a master’s degree research, then we might help as well.

Sounds like you?