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Codewise Principles

1. Nothing is impossible

Unless we’re talking about opening a bag of potato chips without eating the whole damned thing in one sitting, nothing is impossible at Codewise. So speak up and expect your crazy idea to be welcomed with cheeky jokes and open arms. Some things just take more time and failure is occasionally imminent. But here, we risk it for the biscuit!

2. Hire hard, manage easy

We set the interview bar high, because once you navigate your way through our merciless interviews, ace the ruthless coding tests, and unlock a high score on our pinball machine all barriers are lifted. We have no micromanagement because we trust each Codewise member to define their own role here. So how do we manage people? We get out of their way.

3. Be autonomous, be awesome

Top expert in your domain? Unmatched at sharing knowledge? Team Spirit Builder? Can code blindfolded? We believe in the creative power of individuals to inspire ingenuity in our company and others around them. Be accountable, believe in yourself, impress us with your skills and help those around you shine.

4. Get sh*t done

Finish tasks. Do it well and do it fast. That’s the core of Codewise.