Our tools are built with one thing in mind - you

And behind every great product is a great team

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We don’t follow the usual corporate blueprint. There’s no hierarchy. Just a collective of super-smart, talented people who have an equal say in how we get things done.

Codewise is the umbrella brand for Zeropark and the Voluum suite of tools – comprising VoluumTRK and VoluumDSP, as well as our proprietary database, VoluumDB. It’s our people that make the difference, and it’s thanks to them that we can offer tools & tech that are changing the way the industry thinks about marketing technology.

Voluum TRK

Our real-time SaaS analytics platform is supported by around 20 devs in two cross-functional teams, covering back and front-end development and maintaining 24/7 global server uptime.

Voluum DSP

The cross-functional teams delivering continuous improvement for our next generation mobile DSP do so by employing Netty, Aeron, Spring Boot on Java 8, Cassandra, AWS, Eureka & Docker.

Voluum DB

The team behind our data ingestion engine ensure it is capable of handling hundreds of thousands of updates - on a single machine.


Zeropark is our performance traffic exchange that was built and is managed by a multi-talented bunch of brainiacs with quality and scalability always front of mind.

Voluum AMs

A conscientious bunch that dedicate their day to providing technical support to our customers, however with their fingers on the pulse of our clients’ needs their scope goes way beyond, as they input to project development, marketing, QA - the list goes on.

Zeropark AMs

Providing a dynamic combination of some of the sharpest and most unorthodox minds in the industry, the Zeropark account manager environment is a boisterous one that is brimming with team spirit and a desire to offer their clients a great experience.


Our mobile team is divided into two teams: Android whizzes and iOS gurus - and the rivalry can be intense. Their end goal - to make complicated things as intuitive and elegant as possible for our end users.


The bedrock of the company. What Robert Lewandowski can do with a ball, they can do with numbers.


An international collegiate of creative minds that help support the growth of our company and ensure the wider world know all about the great things our teams here produce.

Administration / Office

The superheroes of our company who make sure everything is always working as it should, when it should, where it should. Without this team of hard-working, patient and very capable wonders, there simply wouldn’t be any employees or Codewise!