Our tools are built with one thing in mind - you

And behind every great product is a great team

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We don’t follow the usual corporate blueprint. There’s no hierarchy. Just a collective of super-smart, talented people who have an equal say in how we get things done.

It’s our people that make the difference, and it’s thanks to them that we can offer tools & tech that are changing the way the industry thinks about marketing technology.


Voluum is a full-stack marketing platform for all your performance analytics, tracking, optimization and media buying. It is the go-to tool for optimizing and scaling your campaigns, featuring anti-fraud filtering, whitelisting and an outstanding reporting speed.

Voluum DSP

A next-generation native advertising Demand-Side Platform. The cross-functional teams delivering continuous improvement by employing Netty, Aeron, Spring Boot on Java 8, Cassandra, AWS, Eureka & Docker.

Voluum DB

Voluum is powered by a powerful proprietary database, since September 2014. The team behind our data ingestion engine ensure it is capable of handling hundreds of thousands of updates - on a single machine.


Zeropark is a performance traffic exchange connecting the advertisers, affiliates and media buying teams with high performance traffic sources, in Real-Time. It offers hand-picked traffic from parked domain redirects, Mobile App and Premium Pop. It features robust targeting options and powerful optimization tools bolstered by machine learning mechanisms, all in a user-friendly interface.