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Our people are dedicated to delivering a bleeding-edge suite of products that help our customers manage their brand and performance marketing campaigns, quickly and easily. By focusing on code reviews and continuous improvement and employing an end-to-end testing suite and in-house one-click deployment tool we deploy several times a week.

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Voluum is our marketing suite of brand and performance campaign planning and analytics tools. It's built using real-world insights and provides tailored campaign management for both mobile and online campaigns. Voluum comprises our Tracker and DSP.

Zeropark is our performance traffic exchange that specializes in zero-click programmatic advertising – over 150 billion events per month – and advertiser-publisher matching. Zeropark offers Pop, Domain and Search traffic and has over 5,000 users running 30,000+ campaigns.

Coders, analysts, digital marketers and all round geeks...

The Codewise team is an amalgamation of geeks, scientists, creative wizards, digital marketers and all around crafty human beings. We're a mischievous bunch that enjoys disrupting and redefining industries with serious technology.

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