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Codewise creates innovative software for effective online advertising.

We are always busy making the best better

What is Codewise?

We started out in 2010 in Kraków, Poland with the goal to create custom software for our founder, an independent digital marketer.

Exceeding even his expectations, our products quickly became popular among thousands of affiliate marketers & performance advertising agencies.

Today, we pride ourselves with providing industry-leading tools, support and education to our clients around the globe. And we enjoy every minute of it!

The Team That Makes It Happen

Software engineers, web developers, UX designers, project managers, marketing & accounting specialists… Since we were founded, our greatest pride has always been our team.

We hire the best. And we make sure they know this is how we feel about them. Click on the button below and learn about our unique code of work, the multitude of perks & benefits we offer, and… if we’re currently looking for someone like you!

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What do we love about Codewise?

The visible results – that’s what motivates me at my work. It’s great to see our clients benefiting almost immediately from the effects of my work. At Codewise we deliver new features very quickly, sometimes more than once a day!


Tech Lead, Zeropark

We are very open to talking and sharing our skills & knowledge across the company. Even if you don’t work with someone directly, it’s so natural to just approach them and ask. It helps a lot to get a basic understanding of what someone else is doing and how it translates to your task.


Tech Lead, Infrastructure

I’m loud. I’ve got weird hair. Nobody cares. As a bit of an outsider, I’ve never felt more at home than at Codewise. Here, the only thing that matters is the outcome of my work. And the great time spent with my colleagues!


Video Content Manager

A Part of Something Bigger

In 2020 we joined the CentralNic Group – a multinational holding company specialising in domain name registry, web hosting, domain parking, and online traffic monetization.

Together we strive to make the potential of the internet available to anyone who wants to use it for creating something exciting & new.

CentralNic Group PLC